The Oberly-Allen Endowment for Nursing Scholarships


The Oberly-Allen Endowment for Nursing Scholarships was established to further the continuing education of Good Shepherd's nurses in honor of the founding legacy of D. Estella Raker, a legacy that was consistently modeled by head nurses Elizabeth Oberly and Evelyn Allen during their tenure, whose work inspired countless nurses at Good Shepherd.

Recognizing the importance of strengthening the nursing community,  this named, restricted endowment provides funds in perpetuity for awarding annual scholarships to deserving individuals. These scholarships for nursing education are vital to attract, educate, and retain talented nurses with exceptional expertise and, ultimately rehabilitation certification. Highly qualified nurses lead to better patient care, patient satisfaction, and continued excellent accreditation rankings.

“It is our goal to have 100% of our nurses educated as certified rehabilitation registered nurses (CRNN). This does and will distinguish Good Shepherd from any other rehabilitation facility in the region," says Sam Miranda, senior vice president of patient care and chief nursing officer. 

Your support of the nursing endowment is not only a gift to our nurses, it's a gift to our community, bringing optimal care, hope and healing to our patients today and tomorrow.


Current Oberly-Allen Endowment Event

Save the date for the Fifth Annual Nursing Scholarship Celebration!


Current Oberly-Allen Endowment Scholarships

A complete listing of our current scholarships.