The 33rd Annual Raker Memorial Awards

The 33rd annual Raker Memorial Awards were held Friday, November 2, 2018, at Grace Lutheran Church in Allentown, continuing a tradition honoring the Raker legacy of compassion and service to others. Recipients were Helen Breidegam and Karen Senft, M.D. The Raker Spirit Award, was given to Sandra Marrone, a physical therapist and manager of inpatient physical therapy services.

Helen Breidegam

Helen Breidegam has spent much of her life giving to others. Always happy to help people in need, Helen supported at least 100 charitable organizations in 2017 alone. Her philanthropy has been extended to the Kutztown Public Library, the Sally Breidegam Health Science Building at Moravian College and the Breidegam Foundation, which has provided nursing scholarships and support for the Cancer Research Foundation. Helen was born in Kutztown and received her nursing degree from St. Joseph’s Nursing School. She worked as a registered nurse at St. Joseph Hospital and Deka Batteries. Helen was married to the late DeLight Breidegam, founder of East Penn Manufacturing Co., who passed away on September 9, 2015, at the age of 88. They had three children. (Mrs. Breidegam was honored in absentia.)


Karen Senft, M.D.

Dr. Senft began to see patients in 1985 and has been with Good Shepherd her entire career, selflessly serving thousands of patients and families, and the community. For many years, Dr. Senft was the only developmental pediatrician in the Lehigh Valley, providing an expertise that has grown in demand over the years.  In 2008, Dr. Senft received the Outstanding Children’s Advocate Award for her dedicated service. Dr. Senft’s infinite compassion, boundless love and dedication to serving children with developmental disabilities have carved for her a permanent place in the hearts of all who know her. Dr. Senft will retire in December and will be greatly missed. 


Sandra Marrone, manager, Inpatient Physical Therapy Services, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital.

The Raker Spirit Award is peer-nominated and given to a Good Shepherd associate who best exemplifies and honors the Raker family spirit in his or her daily activities.  Those who work with Sandy, as she is known, say that during her 19 years with Good Shepherd, her Raker spirit burns bright no matter what.. Known for being warm-hearted, kind and welcoming, Sandy is always ready to pitch in wherever needed to help patients or fellow associates, blending compassionate care with excellent clinical skills, and putting the needs of others ahead of her own. A leader who inspires others to excel, Sandy’s giving nature extends to the outside community where she is a strong advocate for autism awareness and volunteers countless hours serving that mission.