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Dear Friends,

Before retiring (for the first time), I spent many years working in human resources for another company. I came to appreciate the varied talents and character strengths we all bring to our professional and personal lives. When the road gets rough, our ability
to be resilient and keep forging ahead gives new meaning to the phrase “human resources.” 

Liselly Diaz watched in disbelief as the little boy in the store had a temper tantrum that would mortify any mother. If it was someone else’s child, as she had witnessed other times, Liselly could have walked away, quietly grateful that she didn’t have to deal with the situation. This time though, Liselly couldn’t walk away. This time, the child behaving so badly was hers.

The first time Chris Loughman saw the woman who would one day be his wife it was at a popular Allentown night club. Gail Balliet was beautiful and no pushover. Chris gave it his best shot and bombed out. “I asked her for her phone number but she wouldn’t give it to me,” he says.

Candlelit ambience set the stage in the beautiful Laros Estate for the annual Festive Gathering of Good Shepherd’s Women’s Giving Circle on December 5, 2018. The event was hosted by Laura Bennett Shelton and Sharon Zondag of The R.K. Laros Foundation. Elegant hors d’oeuvres were provided by Capital BlueCross Healthy You Café and Catering.

A hospital chapel gets a fresh look thanks to the generosity of Good Shepherd associates, and pays quiet tribute to loved ones gone but not forgotten.
Since being featured in Sweet Charity in 2014, Johnny Webb has grown into a healthy and active little boy. Good Shepherd helped him get there.

By Chaplain Kelly Brooks

For the 159 residents of the Good Shepherd homes in Allentown and Bethlehem, independence is essential to their quality of life. But what most people take for granted, the ability to pick up and go anywhere at any time, isn’t something our residents are able to do.