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Our Scholarships

Oberly-Allen Scholarship:

Established in memory of two distinguished Good Shepherd directors of nursing, Elizabeth Oberly and Evelyn Allen, who have been role models of excellence in nursing to many throughout the decades they served.
2019 Recipient: Ryan P. Stocum, RN, BSN

Previous Recipients: Kimberly Livigne, Bhairavi Patel, Donna Miller, Tamatha Urffer, Connie Salvador

Evelyn Allen Family Scholarship:

Given by the Allen family in loving memory of their wife and mother, Evelyn T. Allen, for whom the nursing endowment was named. Evelyn was employed as an R.N. in several hospitals in New Jersey, then spent many years as a C.R.R.N. at Good Shepherd working as director of nursing and then as vice-president and director of the Raker Center.
2019 Recipient: Shena B. Ramage, RN, BSN

Larry & Amy Beans Scholarship:

Given by Larry and Amy Beans in support of excellence in nursing. Larry is the CEO of Maurer & Scott Sales, Inc. and believes strongly in education, commitment, hard work, and dedication. As a couple, they are pleased to see their endowed scholarship grow annually in size and impact.
2019 Recipient: Shannon N. Laughlin, RN, BSN

Previous Recipients: Noah Smith, Amy Kolb, Franckline Joseph

Breidegam Family Scholarship:

Given by the DeLight Breidegam family to honor their wife and mother, Helen S. Breidegam, who spent her career in nursing and has had a long-standing commitment to those who pursue nursing as a career.
2019 Recipient: Daniel Zica, RN, BSN

Previous Recipients: Brianna Trumbauer, Lisa Krajcic, Lori Moyer-Wolfe, Amy Kolb

E. Joel Carpenter, IV, MD Scholarship:

Given by Dr. Carpenter, former physician on staff in the Raker Center, Assistant Medical Director, and Interim Chief Medical Director. He served Good Shepherd faithfully for 35 years and was beloved by all residents, patients, and staff; he is a past recipient of the Raker Memorial Award. This scholarship will be in honor of his service and his deep respect for the work of Good Shepherd nurses.
2019 Recipient: Ana M. Garcia, RN

Previous Recipients: Cathy Barna

Sandye Caruso Scholarship/LVCF-Mike Caruso Fund:

Given by Mike Caruso in loving memory of his wife of 33 years, Sandra “Sandye” Caruso. Sandye was trained as a physical therapist at Lehigh Carbon Community College. She battled cancer and both she and Mike learned to greatly appreciate the love and compassion of the nurses who cared for her throughout her long illness.
2019 Recipient: Shena B. Ramage, RN, BSN

Erin, Meaghan, and Brendan Clark Scholarship:

Given by Bob and Lucille Clark in memory of their granddaughter, Erin, and in honor of their grandchildren, Meaghan and Brendan. The Clarks are long-time supporters of Good Shepherd and Lucille is a retired nurse. It is given in gratitude for the care their loved ones have received at Good Shepherd. They wish that priority be given to a nurse working in pediatrics.
2019 Recipient: Amy N. Kolb, RN, BSN

Previous Recipients: Jessica Curry

Dr. Dawn Costello Scholarship:

Given by Dr. Dawn Costello, retired director of nursing, Lehigh Nursing and Rehab, and nurse educator, in support of nursing education and excellence.
2019 Recipient: Veronica R. Fehr, RN, BSN

Previous Recipients: Dan Zica, Helen Garcia, Heidi Santiago

Dr. Walter & Ruth Dex Scholarship:

Given by Dr. and Mrs. Dex in support of nursing education. Ruth is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Class of 1955. Dr. Walter Dex, M.D., is a retired board-certified radiologist and graduate of the Penn Medical School, Class of 1955.
2019 Recipient: Debbie J. Caffrey, RN

Previous Recipient: Benita Cobham, Dan Zica

Delphine Quinn Advanced Practice Scholarship/LVCF:  

Granted by the Delphine Quinn Perpetual Fund of the Community Foundation in support of nursing education at Good Shepherd. Mrs. Quinn graduated from Allentown General Nursing School in the 1940s.
2019 Recipients: Sarah Nesgoda, RN, BSN and Kimberley A. Tallada, RN, BSN, CRRN

Previous Recipients: Lorillie Soleta, Lisa Smith, Lorillie Soleta

Miss Lois Elma Eisenhard Scholarship:

Given by Lois Eisenhard, a graduate of Cedar Crest College and social worker for many years serving children, families and seniors, most recently at Luther Crest. Her father, Dr. H. Edwin Eisenhard, was an Allentown family physician and her mother, Mrs. Arline Eisenhard, was his office assistant.
2019 Recipient: Cornela S. Salvador, RN, CRRN

Previous Recipients: Brittany Roberts

Fleming Family Scholarship:

Given by the Richard Fleming family in honor of their wife and mother, Roberta “Peggy” Fleming, who with her husband, Dick, was committed to the support of nursing education.
2019 Recipients: Rebecca Carter, CNA and Aimee N. Ramos, CNA

Previous Recipients: Robin Silliman, Shena Ramage, Carol Domzalski, Kim Boehm

Rose Marie Kroboth RN Scholarship:

Given by the Kroboth family in loving memory of their wife and mother, Rose Marie Kroboth, R.N., and in support of excellence in neuro-rehabilitation nursing. Rose Marie was a graduate of the Allentown Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing in 1949.
2019 Recipient: Carol Domzalski, RN, BSN, CRRN

Previous Recipients: Conni Salvador, Ashley Corby, Kim Boehm

Warren and Lydia Landis Scholarship:

Given by Warren and Lydia who were both patients at Good Shepherd and want to express their appreciation for the good care they received by the staff. Warren and Lydia are Mennonite farmers from Souderton who celebrated 65 years of marriage in 2017 and raised a family of 5 children, numerous grand and currently 38 great-grandchildren.
2019 Recipient: Jessica L. Curry, RN, BSN

Viola and David McGregor Scholarship:

Given through Viola’s bequest. Viola was a life-long supporter of Good Shepherd, starting when she was a member of Luther League in a Lutheran Church in New Jersey. She believes in contributing to continue the excellence of care at Good Shepherd.
2019 Recipient: Dilicia Spencer, LPN

Angela René Pessina Scholarship:

Given by Mike Caruso in loving memory of Angela Pessina, oldest daughter of his friends, Michael and Michele Pessina, in support of nursing and education. Angela was born April 21, 1983 in Allentown, PA, and passed away October 28, 2012, at twenty-nine years of age as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident. She was a Spanish teacher at Pen Argyl High School and a young philanthropist, supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.
2019 Recipient: April J. Oddis, CNA

Previous Recipients: Helen Garcia, Brianna Trumbauer, Veronica Fehr

D. Estella Raker & Roberta Raker Hudders Scholarship:

Given by Jill and Al Douglass in memory of Jill’s grandmother, Mama Raker and Jill’s mother, Roberta Raker Hudders, who were dedicated to Good Shepherd, nursing, and education. Mama Raker, along with her husband, the Rev. John Raker, were the founders of Good Shepherd in 1908 and Mama is said to have “run the nursing home like a mother hen.”
2019 Recipient: Nathavasky Mulatre CNA

Previous Recipients: Ashley Corby, Shena Ramage, Carol Domzalski

Dr. Ruth and William Rusling Scholarship:

Given by Dr. Ruth Rusling, Ph.D., in support of nursing education and in memory of her husband, William Rusling. Both he and Ruth were patients at Good Shepherd and had the benefit of the excellent care by our nurses during their stay. They are strong believers in the pursuit of higher educational opportunities for all.
2019 Recipient: Judy A. Eisenhauer, RN, MSN, CRRN

Previous Recipient: Natalie Crespo, Jessica Curry

Women’s Circle Scholarship:

Sponsored by the Good Shepherd Women’s Giving Circle, a group of philanthropically-minded women who pool their resources to support the programs of Good Shepherd and “do together what they could not do alone.”
2019 Recipient: Kathleen A. Barna, RN, CRRN

Previous Recipients: Marelise Grobler, Jennifer Ko, Jennifer Ko, Donna Miller, Tamatha Urffer

Stabler Foundation Scholarship:

Granted in support of excellence in nursing education by The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation, headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa.
2018 Recipient: Ryan Stocum, BSN, RN

Previous Recipients: Lori Moyer-Wolfe, Kathleen Barna

Carol Ann and Betty Ann Memorial CNA Scholarships:

Given by Lucy Nagy-Grube in loving memory of her childhood friends who inspired her to choose nursing as a career. Lucy is currently retired but was a highly-esteemed C.R.R.N at Good Shepherd for over 33 years. During her tenure she served as Nursing Supervisor, Nurse Educator, Spinal Cord Rehab and Wound Care Specialist in Long-Term Care and the Rehab Hospital. Lucy wishes her scholarships to be given to two C.N.A’s each of whose career aspiration is to become a C.R.R.N at Good Shepherd.
2018 Recipient: Jasmine Nicholls, CNA

Julia Feichtel Scholarship (2017 only):

Julia Feichtel was an inpatient and outpatient at Good Shepherd from 2014-2016. Her loving husband, Carl Feichtel, made this gift in memory of his wife in gratitude for the care she received. It is currently an annual scholarship.
2017 Recipient: Connie Salvador

For more information, please contact Greg Wilson at [email protected] or 610-778-1033.