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Profiles in Legacy Giving

Rick Hartenstine

Rick Hartenstine was just a child when he first heard about Good Shepherd and saw philanthropy in action. He remembers his parents getting letters in the mail inviting them to support Good Shepherd’s mission. “We would get a letter and notebook in the mail,” says Rick. “My parents would sign their name in the notebook along with others who had donated and mail it back to Good Shepherd with a gift.”

Years later, that memory came flooding back when Rick received Sweet Charity magazine. By then, Rick had a personal relationship of his own with Good Shepherd. Rick had a cousin and friends who had been patients and he saw how they benefited from the care they received.

Those early lessons in giving by his parents also left a strong impression on Rick and he started to give. When he created a will, he decided to include a gift for Good Shepherd. “It was very easy,” says Rick. “Good Shepherd provided the bequest language for my will and I just signed my name.”

Rick is a member of the 1908 Raker Society and enjoys attending the annual donor luncheon, not for recognition, but because he enjoys meeting other donors and hearing their Good Shepherd stories. “I leave the event with a great feeling, not only about my gift, but about all of the wonderful things they’re doing and all the people they help,” says Rick. “I like knowing my bequest will benefit others and I highly recommend making a gift that supports Good Shepherd.”

To learn more about including a gift for Good Shepherd in your will or estate, contact Susan Lopez at 610-776-3386 or visit GoodShepherdRehab.org/plannedgiving.