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“They Said Our Son Would Never Walk or Talk Again.”

Hearing a doctor say your child will never walk or talk is devastating news for any parent. That’s exactly what Dan and Annie O’Donnell of Allentown were told when their son Matthew was born with cerebral palsy in 2003. But, instead of giving up hope, they began diligently researching what they could do to help their son. Their research led them to Good Shepherd and the groundbreaking technology used in our therapy and rehabilitation programs.

The O’Donnells were so impressed with Good Shepherd, they moved from New Jersey to the Lehigh Valley. Matthew has been coming to Good Shepherd for four years. And, now that he’s eight, his parents credit his progress to the hard work he puts in each week at physical, occupational, speech, and feeding and assistive technology therapy sessions. They are also excited about how the MyTobii computer system Matthew learned to use at Good Shepherd is making such a difference in his life.

The MyTobii eye gazing software analyzes where Matthew’s eyes are focused making it possible for him to interact with the computer. This allows him to choose various activities, read books, use the internet and communicate his wants and needs.

And, this is only the beginning for Matthew. His parents and teachers are working with Good Shepherd therapists and learning something new he can do nearly every day!

Whether you’re a current donor or thinking about making a gift, it’s people like you who help Good Shepherd use technology to make a life-changing difference for Matthew and other children with disabilities!

As I’m sure you realize, the technology that Matthew and other patients rely on is often expensive and not always covered by insurance. In addition to the equipment itself, extensive training is required so his family, teachers and therapists can help Matthew reach his full potential.

It’s only been a few short years since Matthew’s parents were told their son would never walk or talk. Dan and Annie see their son’s future very differently now

“Because of Matthew’s strong mind and determination, his future is very bright,” says Dan. “ We will do everything we can to continue working with the team at Good Shepherd in finding new technologies to help Matthew achieve greatness. It’s life-changing because it gives Matthew a voice!”

Please, be part of Matthew’s promising future by making an online gift today!

Thank you and God bless.