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My Day With Betty White – By Ginger Novak

I am a member of the Betty White Fan Club and a huge fan of Betty’s. When I found out that Betty was coming to Philadelphia on March 17, 2012, I thought that since Allentown was so close, it might be possible for me to go there, even just to get a glimpse of her. I never dreamed that I would meet her in person because tickets were $350 each and that was too much for my budget. I emailed Kay Daly, president of the Betty White Fan Club, about my predicament, and Betty said she would take care of it because she wanted to meet me and see me wearing the shawl she’d knit for me five or six years ago.

That morning was beautiful. It was about 70 degrees. Good Shepherd loaned a van for the day and Helen Trinkle, a nurse, did the driving. We arrived at the Philadelphia Convention Center about 10:30 a.m. and were taken to a waiting room and told that Betty was on her way. From there, we were escorted to another room where Betty was waiting for us. When we entered, I said, “Betty,” and she got up and hugged me tight. I said, “I love you. I love you,” and she said, “I love you too after all these years.” Everybody started to cry. I couldn’t believe it. I told her that I’d never dreamed I would be able to meet her. I’d been a fan for more than 50 years going back to February 1954 when I started watching The Betty White Show five days a week. I never missed it. I loved it so and joined the fan club that year. It was called “Bets Pets.”

We showed Betty the shawl and scarf she had knitted for me years ago. I gave her a little blue picture album with some photos of me and my room. Betty signed a couple of books for Helen and me, and at noon we went to the auditorium and had front row seats to see Betty on stage. After an hour, she went out in the lobby and signed autographs and books. We waved goodbye and went across the street for lunch before heading back to Good Shepherd.

It was a wonderful day and I thank everyone who had a part in it. My dream came true.

Ginger Novak is a resident of the Conrad W. Raker Center at the Good Shepherd Home in Allentown, PA. Your gifts help make special times like this possible. Thank you.

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