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Lasting Gifts of Gratitude and Faith

Bob and Lucille Clark have enjoyed a long history with Good Shepherd that began when Lucille was a teen. She and her friends would visit the Good Shepherd Home with her church youth group and read to residents. Lucille became interested in nursing after a neighbor contracted polio. Her sister also hoped to become a nurse but their family couldn’t afford to send both of them to nursing school. Fortunately, an anonymous donor paid Lucille’s tuition. To this day, Lucille is grateful to her benefactor, and knows that her life was changed by their generosity.

Over the years, Bob and Lucille’s friends and family members have been Good Shepherd patients. Inspired by their gratitude and faith in God, the Clarks have been loyal supporters for more than 30 years. In addition to their annual gifts, they’ve also established a charitable remainder trust and several charitable gift annuities. According to Bob, “These gifts make sense. We save taxes, receive income and support our favorite charities, and it allows us to give more.” 

In 2017, the Clarks established a nursing scholarship in honor of their grandchildren Meaghan and Brendan, and in memory of their granddaughter, Erin. Lucille feels like the scholarship has brought them full circle, giving her and Bob a way to support nurses at Good Shepherd, just like the anonymous donor who made it possible for her to attend nursing school. By involving their family, the experience is teaching their grandchildren about the importance of philanthropy. “We want them to share in the joy of giving back,” says Lucille. 

To learn more about planned giving opportunities at Good Shepherd, contact Jeannette Edwards, senior planned giving officer, at [email protected].