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Growing Home

Bill and Nancy Pyle include Good Shepherd in their will as a meaningful way to support the place their daughter calls home.

Jen Pyle lived at home with her parents, Nancy and Bill, for 47 years before she became a resident of the Good Shepherd Home – Raker Center.  When the time came for her to move, it was a tough decision.  “We had this mindset that we had to do it all because no one else would care for her like we could,” says Bill.

That changed when Jen moved to Good Shepherd.  “Here I have my own circle of friends and interests,” says Jen. “Before, my life revolved around my parents and brother.”  It’s been good for Bill and Nancy too, who have more free time to travel and enjoy their retirement.  

Nancy and Bill believe in supporting the organizations that serve Jen.  They volunteer their time and donate as much as they can.  They appreciate the caring staff and the countless activities, events, clubs, performances, and trips for Good Shepherd’s 159 long-term care residents. “We give because we see the impact of our gifts every time we visit and we know Jen is happy here,” says Nancy.

Shortly after Jen became a resident, Bill and Nancy met with their attorney to revise their wills and include a gift for Good Shepherd in their plans.  “We didn’t give it a second thought, it was just something we wanted to do,” says Nancyy.

“Good Shepherd is Jen’s home and everyone there is her family.  She receives the best care and our gift will help keep it that way.”

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