Steady Progress at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy - Stroudsburg

In 2008, when a degenerative joint disease known as Charcot Foot led to an amputation of his right leg below the knee, Jerry Doxey had a choice to make. He could sit around and feel sorry for himself, or he could get up and work his hardest to regain his independence. Jerry chose the latter.

“I knew that as bad as I felt, there were people in the world who felt worse,” says Jerry, 62. “I decided to do what needed to be done to get back to my life.”

Jerry began his road to recovery at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital-Allentown. For two weeks, a team of physicians, nurses and therapists got Jerry walking and taught him how to function in spite of his new circumstances.

“The staff there were caring, concerned and very personable,” says Jerry. “I had complete faith that they would do their best for me, and that’s exactly what they did.”

After discharge from the rehabilitation hospital, Jerry began receiving outpatient physical therapy at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Stroudsburg. The location was only 10 miles from his home in Sciota, Pennsylvania. Therapists at the site helped to strengthen Jerry’s muscles and improve his mobility.

“The therapists in Stroudsburg are wonderful,” says Jerry. “I made steady progress during that time. I was feeling back to normal. Then, it happened.”

In May of 2009, Jerry passed out and began experiencing respiratory issues. The symptoms would remain with Jerry after he was stabilized at an acute-care hospital. The cause was not known, but Jerry knew that he needed help with his mobility, arm function and balance. He chose Good Shepherd again.

Jerry returned to Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital-Allentown and then continued his outpatient rehabilitation at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Stroudsburg.

“Thanks to Good Shepherd I’m back on the road to wellness,” says Jerry. “I can lift my arm again and my balance problems are getting better. I’m making steady progress once again.

“If you have to go to therapy, Good Shepherd is the place to go,” Jerry continued. “I’m a living testament of that.”

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