Staying Strong with Good Shepherd

Elizabeth “Bets” Clapper, 88 years young, gets around: She has been on more than 20 cruises, braved the cold of Antarctica and lived in Puerto Rico when her husband was an officer in the Army. Now a widower, she still leads an active lifestyle, though these days her outings are a little closer to home in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.
In January 2011, Bets became ill and was hospitalized.  Because of her decreased activity level she became deconditioned and began experiencing difficulty performing her normal activities.  Her physician recommended physical therapy to improve her strength, balance and functional mobility.  Bets received physical therapy services for two months at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Hamburg and made great progress.  For the past two years she has kept in shape with the independent Fitness Program at Hamburg.
Despite exercising regularly, Bets recently noticed that she was having some balance problems and a little trouble walking. Now she is participating in the Stay Strong Program at Good Shepherd – Hamburg, a program for people on Medicare who need skilled maintenance physical therapy.  Recent changes in Medicare regulations ensure that people receive coverage to address therapy for chronic conditions, such as arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s disease and physical decline from aging.

“Physical therapy can help seniors like Bets to remain active,” says Donna Kelley, DPT, Hamburg site manager.  “We’re working with her on both balance and conditioning. She’s such a dynamic lady – and we’re happy to be able to help her maintain her independence to do the things she loves – like going to the theatre and going out to lunch with her friends.”

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