Sports Vision & Athletic Enhancement

React faster, anticipate your opponent’s next move and see the entire field. Unlock your true potential with Good Shepherd’s Sports Vision & Athletic Enhancement Program.

A comprehensive eye/vision examination will be conducted and a training plan developed for the visual system that focuses on all the abilities necessary for optimal sports performance. Each athlete will have a program tailored to his/her needs.

Customized training programs may include:

  • Functional Movement Screening: Identifies asymmetries within movement patterns, compensations and risk of injury.
  • Corrective and Functional Exercises: Improves mobility, stability, strength, balance and speed.
  • Sports Vision Assessment and training to enhance:
    • Dynamic visual acuity
    • Depth perception
    • Peripheral vision
    • Hand/eye coordination
    • Reaction time
    • Eye alignment
    • Eye tracking
    • Visual memory
    • Spatial awareness
    • Visualization/anticipation
    • Focus

For athletes of all ages and skill levels. Whether the sport is football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf or tennis, Good Shepherd’s specially trained therapists will assess and train the fundamental movement patterns required as a base to build sports-specific skills.

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