Spinal Cord Injury: Taking Kevin Oldt BEYOND LIMITS

When Kevin Oldt was injured in a snowmobiling accident more than 13 years ago and became paralyzed, he chose Good Shepherd for inpatient rehabilitaiton, followed by outpatient therapy. Against all odds, Kevin believed he would walk again.

When Good Shepherd became the third rehab facility in the country to receieve the Ekso bionic exoskeleton in 2012, Kevin was ready. He was excited about the possibilities afforded by the new technology.

Kevin trained like a prize fighter to be in the right physical condition to use the device, and he approached his therapy in the exoskeleton with that same passion and determination. Now, Kevin has shed the robotic hardware and is walking using his own manpower, KAFOS leg braces and crutches. Kevin Oldt has gone beyond the limitations of his condition and accomplished his goal - to walk again.

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