Interactive Metronome for Kids

Interactive Metronome® (IM) Services use patented technology based on rhythm and timing to improve your child’s attention and coordination. IM can be used to help children and teens better deal with ADHD and other problems.

How Interactive Metronome Works:

Interactive Metronome trains the brain to plan, sequence, and process information more effectively. Wearing a headset that delivers a computer-generated beat, trainees repeat a series of precise hand and foot exercises. IM’s sound guidance system challenges participants to improve their accuracy as they actively try to match the beat. The IM system then scores their performance: the lower their score, the better their performance.

Good Shepherd’s three- to five-week Pediatric Interactive Metronome Services program involves 15 one-hour sessions. By the end of these sessions, most participants experience significant improvement in focus and attention, control of aggression and impulsivity, coordination, language processing, and academic performance.

IM Results:

An effective, drug-free technology, Interactive Metronome harnesses timing and rhythm to help young people with ADHD and other cognitive and physical difficulties. A recent study of 9- to 12-year-old boys with ADHD found that those in the IM training program showed significant improvement in many areas affected by the disorder, with other studies and field experience confirming these findings.

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