Burn and Wound Care Program

If your child is under the age of 21 and  has a burn or complex wound that requires inpatient care, the Pediatric Burn and Wound Program at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit can help improve his or her quality of life and maximize function.

The program, which provides intensive treatment and caregiver training, is appropriate for children who have been discharged from an acute-care hospital and who have received a physician referral for inpatient burn or wound care.

The multidisciplinary team at the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit will assess your child and develop a personalized treatment plan, based on both clinical and evidence-based best practices, to help your child achieve his or her maximum function. Child and family education is also a critical part of the process.

Good Shepherd’s Pediatric Burn and Wound Program is appropriate for the following patients:

  • Children who are in need of wound or scar management, oxygen/ventilator support or physical reconditioning as a result of an acute burn injury
  • Children with conditions resulting from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection
  • Children who have traumatic wounds with losses of cutaneous integument, represented by skin disruption and loss of subcutaneous tissues, including loss of muscle and bone
  • Children with pressure sores with an area of necrosis in the integument developed as a result of compression of soft tissues
  • Children with non-healing surgical wounds relating to diabetes, poor nutritional status, compromised immunity or infection. This includes any surgical wound of 2- to 4-week duration that is not responding to conventional therapies.

The Process:

  • First, each child receives a comprehensive evaluation from the interdisciplinary clinical team at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan is then developed for each child.
  • During his or her stay, each child receives daily medical management by a pediatrician and up to three hours a day of physical, occupational, speech or recreational therapy.
  • You and your child will participate in weekly meetings with the care team to develop goals, assess progress and discuss the treatment plan.
  • Full discharge planning and family/patient education is provided to ensure that each child is safely transitioned to home with maximum functional capacity and independence.

Good Shepherd’s Pediatric Burn and Wound Program inpatient services include:

  • Pre-inpatient evaluation by nurse liaison upon referral
  • Comprehensive evaluation upon admission
  • Ongoing assessment and consultation with referral sources, including burn center practitioners, infectious disease practitioners, plastic and general surgeons and trauma and orthopedic surgeons
  • Complete diagnostic studies, as needed, including laboratory services
  • Wound healing and scar management
  • Spasticity and contracture management
  • Parent and caregiver education on disease processes, wound or scar management, use of assistive technologies, including wheelchair and mobility devices, and access to community resources
  • Pain management

Treatments Available in the Pediatric Burn and Wound Program:

  • Debridement: Removal of dead tissue to speed healing
  • Whirlpool: Uses the agitation in the water to cleanse the wounds and make debridement easier
  • Pulsed lavage: Low-pressure wound cleansing with saline to remove bacteria and loose debris
  • Vasopneumatic compression: A mechanical pump squeezes swelling out of the arms or legs
  • Ultrasound: Uses sound waves to stimulate healing
  • Electrical stimulation: Uses electrical current to bring in healing components
  • UV light: Usescold UV light to eliminate bacteria and stimulate new skin formation
  • Advanced dressings, including the VAC dressing system: A closed system using suction to increase healing tissue

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