Baby Steps: NICU Transitions

Good Shepherd Pediatrics offers specialized inpatient services for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) graduates and medically-complex newborns.

Infants requiring auto-regulation intervention, developmental facilitation or family education for transition home can benefit from Good Shepherd's comprehensive rehabilitation.

One of the biggest challenges that NICU infants have to overcome during the early phase of their stay in a rehabilitation unit is the lack of ability to calm themselves during therapeutic activities. Many babies demonstrate various degrees of irritability when they are subjected to sensory stimuli, such as music, light, textures and taste, or when they are placed in various positions, such as prone, side lying and supine.

For these patients to acquire age-appropriate skills, they need to learn how to react to various stimuli and situations positively. Good Shepherd's clinical team members strive to create a pleasant experience when introducing new sensory input or new positions and activities.

Initiatlly, treatments will be limited to the patient's room under low lighting with silence or low, soothing music. As infants show increased tolerance, therapies may be moved to another room with normal lighting using auditory toys, and, eventually, activities may be performed in a more communal area within the unit.

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