Inpatient Pediatric Care Team

If your child is admitted for inpatient care at the Good Shepherd Pediatric Unit in Bethlehem, he or she is in good hands. Your child's expert care team includes:

A board-certified pediatrician with extensive experience in the care of children with special needs and medical complexity directs the overall care of the patient, coordinating with all professionals in the team and consulting with specialists.

Pediatric Physiatrist
A specialist, board certified in pediatrics and rehabiltiation medicine, evaluates each child and recommends expert advice on the comprehensive rehabilitation plan.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Nurses
Nurses who specialize in pediatric rehabilitation evaluate and monitor the medical needs of each child and provide the family with education on their child's overall care.

Respiratory Therapists
Respiratory therapists monitor and assess the respiratory status and equipment needs of each patient. They train and educate patients and their families on respiratory equipment, respiratory medication administration and therapeutic exercises to improve respiratory mechanics and optimize pulmonary function.

Physical Therapists (PT)
Physical therapists work with each child to improve overall strength and endurance, foster independence, increase mobility and promote balance and coordination.

Occupational Therapists (OT)
Occupational therapists work with each child to explore developing strategies that promote independence in activities of daily living. 

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)
Certified speech therapists provide treatment plans to address issues in launguage and communication, swallowing and cognitive functions. 

A neuropsychologist evaluates cognitive, psychological and developmental status and impairments of patients and guide the team in developing treatment strategies. The neuropsychologist may also recommend plans for behavioral management when necessary. 

Recreational Therapists
Recreational therapists work with each child to improve his or her physical and cognitive skills, to promote socialization and to assist with the development of new or adjusted recreational activities in spite of physical limitations.

Care Manager
The care manager works closely with the child, the family and the care team to coordinate with the insurance company and facilitates discharge plans. The neuropsychologist and the care manager work together to coordinate school transitions and re-entry.