Occupational Medicine: For Employers

As an employer, you know that work injuries can lead to a host of operational issues. Getting your employees healthy and back to work quickly and safely is the best thing for them and it’s the best thing for your business. It is important to direct your workers to a quality physical rehabilitation provider with a reputation for getting employees back to work quickly.

At Good Shepherd, our team is experienced in the evaluation and treatment of injured workers. We offer comprehensive services, from acute management to formal work conditioning. Best of all, we are dedicated to getting workers healthy and back to work as quickly as possible. Good Shepherd programs include:

  • Pre-employment back evaluations to determine ability to complete job responsibilities
  • Preventative programs that can be tailored to work needs

The team at Good Shepherd is experienced with workers compensation and the management of injured workers. Good Shepherd’s care team includes:

  • Therapists with advanced certifications in orthopedic and hand rehabilitation, work conditioning and functional capacity evaluations (FCEs)
  • Case managers to act as liaison between injuried workers, their rehabilitation team and their employer

With convenient hours and more than 20 locations, Good Shepherd can help patients meet their treatment requirements off of company time.

How to Get Good Shepherd on Your Workers Comp Panel
Listing a specific physical rehabilitation provider on your workers’ compensation panel keeps you in control of the injured worker for the first 90 days after an injury. For more information on how to list Good Shepherd on your workers’ compensation panel, contact our Case Manager, Jo Ann Waverka, at 484-788-0718 or jwaverka@gsrh.org.