Physical Therapy

The expert therapists in Good Shepherd’s Physical Therapy Program are here to help you regain your mobility, strength, balance and endurance.

Levels of care:

Good Shepherd’s physical therapy approach:

Physical therapy at Good Shepherd is coordinated by a staff of expert physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who provide a team approach to patient care. After an initial consultation, a physical therapist will develop a treatment program designed to meet your goals. You will then be cared for by a physical therapist and an assistant, who will usher you through the entire treatment program and provide the most effective, consistent treatment possible.

When your rehabilitation program is complete, the team will work with you to help facilitate a successful transition from a rehabilitation setting to your home. Our team will help you acquire and train you on the proper use of equipment to maximize your function and independence. We will then provide a written home exercise program to help you maintain the function you gain in therapy.

Good Shepherd’s physical therapy program highlights:

  • Physical therapists provide evaluation and treatment to assist you with sitting and standing balance, walking, climbing stairs and using a wheelchair.
  • Physical therapy is available for children and adults.
  • Operating orthotics and serial casting are available.
  • Aquatherapy and fitness classes are available.

Good Shepherd’s physical therapy program specialties:

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