Adaptive Computer Access

Good Shepherd’s Adaptive Computer Access Program can provide the aid you need to maximize both function and independence. 

At Good Shepherd’s Harry C. Trexler Center for Assistive Technology, our expert therapists will evaluate you and connect you with appropriate assistive technologies, including voice recognition software, infrared computer access, switch access, adaptive keyboard and mouse and eye-gaze systems. These leading-edge technologies can improve your literacy and writing skills, improve cognitive development and remedy visual deficits.

The goal is to improve your independence by giving you more control over your environment and helping you access vital tools, like computers, telephones and other devices. 

Other services provided by Good Shepherd's Adaptive Computer Access Program include:

  • Our professionals work closely with vocational experts and educators in school districts to determine the appropriate equipment to meet your goals and provide training with targeted equipment.
  • We work with you to explain funding options to help you obtain your own equipment.
  • When appropriate, we will provide home environmental access and work-site evaluations and training.

Learn what to expect when you contact the Adaptive Computer Access Program.

Good Shepherd is home to a large number of PT, OT and SLP licensed certified assistive technology professionals. Our expert therapists will design a comprehensive, customized program to meet your goals. This, plus the use of state-of-the-art assistive technologies, can help to maximize your level of function and independence.

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