Wheelchair Posture, Proper Fit and Seating

If you rely on a wheelchair for mobility, Good Shepherd’s Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Program can provide you with the options to maximize your safety and independence, while improving your function, skin integrity, comfort and quality of life.

At the  RJ Foundation Mobility Center, our expert therapists will evaluate you and connect you with the appropriate wheelchair or mobility system to improve you independence and meet your needs.

Learn what to expect when you contact the Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Program.

Read our tips for ordering your new wheelchair or mobility device.

Services available at Good Shepherd’s Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Program include:

  • Our expert therapists will evaluate your physical measurements, range of motion, strength, coordination, sensation, reflexes, skin integrity, balance, transfers and ambulation.
  • You will be able to trial various wheelchairs, mobility systems and seating options.
  • If you spend a great deal of your time in a wheelchair or in bed, you may be at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Through computerized pressure mapping, Good Shepherd therapists can assess pressure patterns and develop, adjust and implement pressure-relieving seating systems to help ensure your maximum skin integrity.
  • We will provide instruction and training on the use of manual and motor wheelchairs.
  • If required, Good Shepherd will provide a home evaluation to ensure that you can use your new wheelchair or mobility device safely in your home.
  • We will provide the results of the evaluation to your physician and your chosen durable medical equipment vendor.
  • We will work to coordinate equipment delivery, adjustment and training.

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