What to expect when contacting Good Shepherd’s Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Program

When you contact Good Shepherd’s Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Program, we first will ask you to provide your diagnosis, reason for evaluation, insurance, physician and contact information.

Next, you will be asked to schedule a thorough evaluation to assess your needs and determine the equipment that will best meet your medical, physical and functional needs.

This face-to-face evaluation can take approximately one to two-and-a-half hours depending on the complexity of your needs. During the evaluation, assistive technology is selected where appropriate. Good Shepherd will provide a written report to your physician and the vendor of your choice.

You will be asked to return when the mobility device arrives. Good Shepherd’s physical and occupational therapists will schedule an educational session with you on the operation of the device. This will allow you to be trained in the use of the device, while therapists complete a final fitting to ensure that the device is accurate and customized to meet your needs.

For more information on the Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Program please call the Assistive Technology Department at 610-776-3517, contact us or request an appointment.