Voice Therapy

If you experience vocal impairments related to vocal abuse or organic changes to vocal mechanisms resulting from resonance disorders, cancer or laryngitis, Good Shepherd’s Voice Therapy Program can help.

The Voice Therapy Program is designed to help improve your communication skills so you can successfully function at home, school, work or in the community.

Following a thorough evaluation, Good Shepherd’s expert speech and language pathologists will develop a unique treatment plan, tailored to meet your goals. The plan, which may also include home programs, will be developed in conjunction with you, your family and your physician.

Levels of Care:

Outpatient - The Good Shepherd Voice Therapy Program is available on an outpatient basis to both children and adults.

Highlights of Good Shepherd’s Voice Therapy Program:

  • Speech therapists will evaluate your voice and take a case history.
  • Throughout treatment, Good Shepherd’s speech therapists will remain in contact with your ENT (ear, nose and throat physician) or referring physician.
  • Treatment plans include education on vocal function and vocal abuse or misuse.
  • Our therapists will teach you vocal hygiene, voice facilitation and relaxation techniques, so you can get the most out of your voice.
  • Therapists use biofeedback, including Visi-Pitch technology, to objectively and visually track the effectiveness of therapies.
  • Models, diagrams, video and audio help you to track progress and identify problem areas.
  • Counseling services for patients and families are available.
  • A community support group is available.
  • Professional referrals for other services will be provided as needed.

For more information on the Good Shepherd Department of Speech and Communication, contact us, call 610-776-3270 or Request an Appointment.