Speech and Communication: Fluency Program

Dysfluency, or the interruption of smooth speech, may be developmental, or could result from emotional trauma or brain injury. If you or a loved one experience disruptions or breaks in speech, Good Shepherd’s Fluency Program can help.

The expert speech and language pathologists in Good shepherd’s Fluency Program use a systems approach to rehabilitation. They rely on targeted training designed to enhance awareness of the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that contribute to more fluent speech patterns.

    Highlights of Good Shepherd’s Fluency Program:

    • Speech therapists will evaluate your fluency patterns and take a case history.
    • Our therapists will teach you advanced fluency enhancement and relaxation techniques, helping you to speak more fluently.
    • Patients and families are involved throughout the treatment process.
    • Therapists use biofeedback to objectively track the effectiveness of therapies.
    • Psychological support is available.
    • Community support groups are available.

    For more information on the Good Shepherd Fluency Program, contact us, call 610-776-3270 or Request an Appointment.