Coordinated Care Services

Residents of Good Shepherd’s two long-term care homes have access to a variety of interdisciplinary medical services.

Nursing and Medical Services include:

  • Care assistance is provided by RNs, LPNs, CNAs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Primary care physicians are on-site several days each week with 24-hour on call availability.

Available network services and programs include:

  • Radiology, imaging, laboratory and pharmacy services
  • Wound and skin care program under the management of a specially trained registered nurse
  • Respiratory therapy services to assess and treat all respiratory conditions
  • Specialty clinics including spinal cord injury, chronic pain, muscular dystrophy and other neurological diseases, along with orthopedic and amputee
  • Support groups including head trauma, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and pain
  • Evaluations for orthopedic footwear and custom orthotics
  • Wheelchair repair
  • Dental, eye, podiatry, respiratory and GYN care

Social work As a resident in a Good Shepherd long-term care home, you will have a master’s level, licensed social worker assigned to you.  Social workers provide psychosocial therapy and a variety of life management support services including skill development, goal planning, problem solving, budgeting and benefit management.

Physical therapy Good Shepherd’s physical therapists will work with you to improve or prevent loss of physical function, strength, flexibility, coordination and overall mobility, while assisting in the management of pain.  Physical therapists will also address your wheelchair seating and mobility needs.

Occupational therapy Good Shepherd’s occupational therapists will help maximize your functional independence in the areas of work, self-care and leisure by using adaptive equipment, training, functional skill development and assistive technology.

Speech therapy Good Shepherd’s speech therapists will assess your speech, language and hearing function, as well your communicative and swallowing abilities.  If appropriate, speech therapists will train you to improve, alter, augment or compensate for communications disability.  A communication enhancement program will assist you with communication and feeding and swallowing assessment will ensure safe nutritional intake and eliminate the risk of choking and aspiration.

Therapeutic recreation Good Shepherd’s certified therapeutic recreation therapists will provide you with a well-rounded leisure lifestyle that incorporates social opportunities, creative expression, leisure education, emotional outlets, intellectual stimulation, physical exercise, independent leisure activity and community integration.

Pastoral care Upon request, Good Shepherd’s pastoral care team will provide confidential pastoral counseling and assistance in communicating with your chosen faith community.  Seasonal ecumenical worship services and discussion groups are also available, as well as an interfaith meditation chapel and a chapel council composed of residents who advise chaplains regarding pastoral care programs and services.

Volunteer services Outstanding and dedicated volunteers help round-out the resident experience at Good Shepherd. Volunteers accompany residents on community outings, assist with pastoral care and recreational therapy and perform other vital services.  Learn more about volunteer opportunities at Good Shepherd.

Other coordinated services include: 

  • Resident council
  • Family council
  • Food and nutrition
  • Beautician services
  • Access to public and private transportation services
  • Variety of medical specialists

For more information on Good Shepherd’s long-term care opportunities, contact us or call 610-776-3199.