Why Choose Good Shepherd?

Who you choose to provide your physical rehabilitation can impact the rest of your life. When you need rehabilitation care for a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury, amputation or multiple trauma, you have the right to choose the inpatient rehabilitation hospital or facility that is best for you.

Here’s why Good Shepherd’s inpatient rehabilitation units are the right choice for you and your loved ones:

1) More Experience
You want a rehabilitation hospital that has a long, successful history of providing rehabilitation care as its core business. Good Shepherd has provided care for 100 years and has operated its inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Allentown since 1967.

2) Esteemed Accreditation
You want a rehabilitation hospital that holds the highest level of rehabilitation accreditation possible so that you are assured of high standards and outstanding outcomes. Good Shepherd’s brain injury and stroke rehabilitation programs are accredited by CARF.

3) Focused Rehabilitation Care
You want a hospital that is focused only on rehabilitation care and has the full range of expertise needed to diagnose and treat patients with various types of physical disabilities. More than 60,000 patients each year receive care at Good Shepherd because physical rehabilitation is our core business, and our patient outcomes reflect the highest level of expertise.

4) Outstanding Outcomes
You want a rehabilitation hospital that has a proven record of positive outcomes for its patients. National outcome measurement tools prove that Good Shepherd sends patients home—not to a nursing home—sooner than other rehabilitation hospitals/units in the region and nation.

5) Specialized Clinical Teams
You want a rehabilitation hospital that has coordinated clinical teams that specialize in specific conditions. Good Shepherd is the only rehabilitation hospital in the region with specialized teams for stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury.

6) Specially Trained Nursing Staff
You want a hospital to be staffed with nurses who specialize in caring for patients undergoing rehabilitation. Some rehabilitation units pull nurses from other hospital floors, such as surgical recovery or obstetrics, to care for rehabilitation patients. Good Shepherd’s certified rehabilitation nurses (CRRNs) are specialty trained to provided care to patients undergoing rehabilitation.

7) High Level of Care
You want a rehabilitation hospital to provide the highest level of rehabilitation care. Many nursing homes have rehabilitation programs that provide a lower level of care.

8) Highly Skilled Staff
You want a hospital whose clinicians are experts in rehabilitation. Good Shepherd’s physicians and more than 200 therapists not only attend but present at national rehabilitation conferences and educational sessions.

9) Leading-Edge Technology
You want a rehabilitation hospital to use the latest assistive and rehabilitation technology. Good Shepherd is a national leader in the use of technology to increase, maintain or improve the functional capability of people with disabilities. No other hospital in the region has comparable technology therapies or services.

10) Compassionate, Quality Care
You want a rehabilitation hospital this is known for its compassionate, quality care. Good Shepherd’s commitment to customer service and expertise and our approach to treating the whole person produce outstanding patient outcomes.

There is no better inpatient rehabilitation facility in the region than Good Shepherd.