Positively Moving Forward at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at Pocono Medical Center

Two years ago George Nelson collapsed the arch in his right foot during a long day of walking. As a diabetic, George, only 30 at the time, knew that such foot problems could lead to more serious issues. He was right.

George’s collapsed arch led to a condition known as Charcot Foot, nerve damage that decreased his ability to sense pain and to control movement in the foot. Thus began a two-year ordeal, during which George struggled with a significant foot wound that would not heal.

“The discomfort was constant,” says George. “I couldn’t walk right, and I was on a constant stream of antibiotics. Nothing worked.”

Finally, two years after the initial injury, George met with his doctor. Together, they made a fateful decision.

“We decided that it was time to take the foot off,” says George. “We had tried everything and amputation was my best hope to get my life back.”

George had his right foot removed below the knee. Following four days in an acute-care hospital, George was admitted to Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg. There, his recovery began in earnest.

“The staff at Good Shepherd got me up and got me working,” says George. “Within a few days, I was moving around like a new man. They worked me hard, but it was worth it.”

At the Good Shepherd inpatient unit, George learned how to function and live independently with his new circumstances. Occupational therapists taught him how to care for himself and do the little things, like laundry and meal preparation. Physical therapists helped George strengthen his muscles, physicians guided his recovery and rehabilitation nurses ensured that his medical needs were met.

“I loved it at the Good Shepherd unit,” says George. “The stay was wonderful, the one-on-one care was superior and the food was great.

“I never imagined something like this happening to me, but I’m in good spirits. Knowing that I will be pain-free, and knowing that Good Shepherd has prepared me for the rest of my life truly eases my mind.”

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