Physical Therapy | Hamburg: Donna Kelley

Tom Zeiser

Donna Kelley, PT, DPT
Site Manager, Good Shepherd Physical Therapy - Hamburg

Donna Kelley is the site manager for Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Hamburg, located at 500 Hawk Ridge Drive, Suite 2A, in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. With 23 years of clinical experience, Donna has successfully treated a wide variety of orthopedic injuries in athletes, including Olympians. She also specializes in working with cognitively impaired patients from infants to adults.

Donna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work from Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania, a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from New York University, New York, and a doctorate in physical therapy from Daemen College, Amherst, New York.

Donna’s Vision: “To make a significant contribution to my patients using knowledge gained from my physical therapy education and 23 years of experience.”

Good Shepherd Physical Therapy — Hamburg
500 Hawk Ridge Drive, Ste. 2A
Hamburg, PA 19526

Phone: 610-562-3523
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