PenTeleData's Jaime Mendes to Chair Good Shepherd's 2014 Golf & Tennis Invitational

Jaime Mendes of Palmerton, Chief Administrative Officer of PenTeleData, has been named chair of the Good Shepherd Golf & Tennis Invitational, which benefits the Good Shepherd Pediatrics Program. The event will take place September 8, 2014, at Lehigh Country Club.

“As the father of five children, I am honored to support an organization that is so committed to improving the lives of children facing significant physical or developmental challenges,” says Mendes.

Mendes volunteers his time for other community activities related to children, including serving on the boards of directors of the Boy Scouts of America Minsi Trails Council and the Bo Tkach Foundation, an organization that creates awareness for obsessive compulsive disorder and other mental health issues while providing funding for youth athletic programs. Mendes is also on the Board of Directors for Blue Mountain Health System.

Born in Portugal, Mendes moved to the United States at age 9. A year later, he began working at a local music shop on Delaware Avenue in Palmerton, gradually assuming more responsibility until he eventually managed the store and the day-to-day operations.

In 1992, at age 23, he began working for Blue Ridge Communications, providing technical assistance and customer support. Three years later he assumed the responsibility of overseeing the Pencor Wireless enterprise and managing the Verizon Wireless agent program. When the Pencor Superstore opened in 1997, it did so with Mendes as the store manager. At that same time, Mendes also was named manager of Palmerton Long Distance. Since 2003, he has served as Chief Administrative Officer of PenTeleData, where he oversees the customer service, marketing, billing and sales departments.

Mendes currently serves as the Assistant Secretary for Pencor Services, Inc., and on corporate boards for Palmerton Long Distance, Pencor Wireless, Blue Ridge Communications of New York and Palmerton Telephone Company.

The Golf & Tennis Invitational raises funds for the Good Shepherd Pediatrics Program, which provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to children with physical challenges, developmental issues and autism. The entry fees for the event at Lehigh Country Club are $1,000 per person for golf and $400 per person for tennis.

This year’s tournament will also include a special appearance by Ben Witter, a cancer survivor most famous for his trick shots.  With his lifelong dream of playing on the PGA tour cut short by a diagnosis of cancer in 1988, Ben turned the focus of his career to becoming a teacher of the game.  He currently travels all over the world to participate in golf tournaments and entertain the participants by hitting some of his famous trick shots. 

For more information, to sponsor the Golf & Tennis Invitational for Pediatrics or to register to golf, please contact Andrew Block at 610-776-8311.