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Video Visits Help Retired Nurse Rehab from Knee Replacement Surgery (VIDEO)

May 21, 2020

Like many patients recovering from injury or seeking to maintain their quality of life during the coronavirus crisis, Debbie Drake needed a safe rehabilitation option.

Coming off recent knee replacement surgery, Debbie chose Good Shepherd for in-person physical therapy — just as the pandemic worsened. To comply with statewide stay-at-home orders, Debbie gave telehealth sessions a try. With a virtual visit, Debbie’s physical therapist sees her throughout the session. The video visits, she says, are making a big difference.

“When stay-at-home orders went into effect, I was nervous I wouldn’t recover properly from the surgery,” Debbie says.

A retired nurse, Debbie led an active lifestyle full of traveling, tai chi and family activities until her knee pain became too much. She had trouble getting around the house. She had to quit tai chi.

But through in-person and virtual rehab with Good Shepherd, Debbie says she’s feeling better and stronger every day.

Telehealth Rehab Visits ‘Keep Me Going’

To continue her recovery, Debbie logs in to her virtual physical therapy appointment from her home computer. She sets up chairs near a couch — within view of her webcam — to use for various stretches and exercises. Her therapist observes her form, how far she can straighten or bend her knee and how her joints are moving overall. During telehealth sessions, Debbie uses resistance bands, works on her balance and performs other post-surgery rehab.

“It’s nice to have a person and a voice to keep me going,” Debbie says.

Before choosing telehealth with Good Shepherd, Debbie wasn’t confident she was doing her take-home exercises properly. Now, she can ask — right through her computer in real-time.

“Telehealth is wonderful,” Debbie says. “If I’m having a problem, my therapist helps me work it out.”

Debbie says she plans to resume in-person rehab soon, knowing that Good Shepherd is taking numerous precautions — including quick wellness screenings and temperature checks at the door, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) — to keep her and other patients safe.

Watch Debbie Drake’s Recovery Story

Telehealth visits are available at Good Shepherd for physician services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and clinical psychology. Request your virtual or in-person appointment online, call 1-888-44-REHAB or use our live chat.