Jane Gets Back on Her Feet

December 03, 2020

transverse myellitis

Jane Peters has been living with transverse myelitis, a neurological disorder that causes inflammation of the spinal cord, since the 1970s.

At one point in her life, the condition left her paralyzed from the waist down. Jane eventually recovered movement and was able to work more than 25 years as a secretary.

But over the last several years, Jane’s condition slowly regressed, said Bob, her husband of 52 years. Jane’s legs got weaker and weaker. She bounced in and out of hospitals and nursing homes.

It got to the point where Jane needed help getting out of bed because she couldn’t stand or walk on her own.

That’s when the couple decided to contact Good Shepherd for help.

Jane began in-person rehabilitation at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Bethlehem Township, and Bob noticed immediate improvements.

“They had Jane work on parallel bars to start,” Bob said. “Eventually, they got her on her feet. Then, she could walk by holding onto the railings. That was almost like a miracle — she got back on her feet.”

The Good Shepherd team noted how disciplined and determined Jane was in each of her physical therapy sessions. She didn’t miss a single home exercise either, she’s proud to say.

“I did very, very hard things, and I didn’t mind doing them,” Jane said. “I enjoyed every minute I was there.”

A regimented program got Jane back on her feet moving independently with a rollator walker. Even after being discharged from Good Shepherd’s care, Jane said she happily continues doing her take-home exercises, including sit-ups, leg lifts and using an exercise ball.

Jane said the specially designed rehabilitation she received made a world of difference for her.

“It gave me hope again of living a decent life and helping myself,” Jane said. “I don’t hurt anywhere. I can do anything.”

Feeling better and more independent, Jane enjoys making pictures and typing personal notes to send to her loved ones.

“I can’t say enough about Good Shepherd,” Bob said. “They were all wonderful and knowledgeable people.”

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