Wendy A. Norelli, PT, PMA-­CPT

Where do you work?
Outpatient Physical Therapy, Health and Technology Center

In which areas of rehabilitation do you specialize?
Rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological conditions with a holistic approach.

Name one short-term goal:
To successfully use principles and apparatus from the Pilates method for neuromuscular reeducation

Name one long-term goal:
To integrate this type of treatment with other available treatment modalities to maximize functional recovery

What Motivates You?
Results. When individuals can take control of their situation and feel empowered to make positive changes.

What specialty certifications do you hold?

  • Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Certified Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation – Polestar Pilates
  • Certified teacher of Pilates – Pilates Method Alliance (PMA-­‐CPT)

Which rehabilitation technologies do you utilize in your work?
We use the gait lab to see and quantify baseline and progress associated with treatment.

What attracted you to a career in healthcare?
I had personal experience with rehabilitating from injuries as a teen. Wanting to understand the healing process, I began to study anatomy and became fascinated with how the human body moves and functions.

Why do you choose to work at Good Shepherd?
I have worked here for many years. Here, I am privileged to work with a highly skilled treatment team, the caliber of which is without equal locally for the type of work that we do. The commitment of upper level managers to our patients and to our staff is compelling. The overall vision of the organization is progressive and responsive to new advances in rehabilitation.

What are your hobbies and special interests outside of Good Shepherd?
My husband and I have six children, so keeping up with their activities keeps us busy. Also, I like experimenting with warm glass and making jewelry when time allows. I love to be outside and enjoy hiking, inline skating, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and of course I am passionate about Pilates. I am a continuing education junkie and have attended more than 200 hours of continuing education since completing my Pilates teacher certification.

What does “Beyond Limits Rehab” mean to you?
Often times in medicine, people look to us for answers and time frames. Beyond Limits means harnessing the ongoing ability of the human body to change and the power of individual motivation and will to create this evolution.  With direction from skilled coaches (doctors, nurses, therapists and other team members), individuals can take control of their situation and move towards their personal goals, no matter what limits they have encountered.

Why should patients choose Good Shepherd?
Patients should choose Good Shepherd because we have been committed to rehabilitation for more than 100 years.  We are staffed with experienced professionals with varied special skill sets. Coupled with the progressive nature of the care that we provide, this experience can carry anyone seeking treatment to the best possible outcome for their situation.