Sarah Schimpf, MS, CCC-SLP/L, IM

Where do you work?

I work in Pediatrics at both Good Shepherd Physical Therapy—Hamburg and at the Health & Technology Center in Allentown.  

In what areas of rehabilitation do you specialize?

Cognitive impairments/traumatic brain injuries, childhood apraxia of speech and language delay

What one word best describes you?


What motivates you?

Seeing patients succeed and overcome the obstacles they face.

What specialty certifications do you hold?

  • PECS (picture exchange communication system) certified
  • Interactive Metronome® certified (IMC)

What rehabilitation technologies do you utilize in your work?

What attracted you to a career in healthcare?

I love helping others.

Why do you choose to work at Good Shepherd?

Good Shepherd’s vision and compassionate, family-oriented atmosphere aligns with my own.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Good Shepherd?

I have a young son, Derek, and am very involved in the dance world. I teach classes on weeknights, co-direct a ballet company in Schuylkill county and coach a competition team.

What does “Beyond Limits Rehab” mean to you?

To work together to exceed your goals and expectations is to provide “Beyond Limits Rehab”

Why should patients INSIST on Good Shepherd?

The doctors, therapists and staff at Good Shepherd are a special group of people who go above and beyond for their patients—treating them as if they were family.