Cathie Dara PT, DPT, OCS, STC

Where do you work?
Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Bethlehem Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center

In which areas of rehabilitation do you specialize?
I specialize in manual therapy/orthopedics, headache therapy, performing arts, sports injury and Kinesio Taping®.

What specialty certifications do you hold?

  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)
  • Sports Therapy Certification (STC)

Which rehabilitation technologies do you utilize in your work?
Our facility has a specialized dance floor/studio area and a music room with an upright piano - that is definitely unique and fun! We are fortunate to work for an organization that supports so many varied approaches to rehabilitation.

What motivates you?
An inherent desire to help people and not just from a rehabilitation perspective

What attracted you to a career in healthcare?
My parents were involved in healthcare, so I was introduced to caring for people at a young age. I realized I wanted to be a physical therapist (PT) after one of my younger brothers sustained a severe hamstring injury playing soccer. I was able to watch how his therapists were able to help him, and I knew that was what I wanted to do.  Interestingly, my brother became a PT too!

Why do you choose to work at Good Shepherd?
The mission and core values of Good Shepherd align with my own beliefs and motivations. The people who work at Good Shepherd, in my opinion, have a unique perspective on how to deliver excellent care with true compassion and a focus on each individual.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Good Shepherd?
I love sports, especially soccer, football and hockey. I also love theatre, particularly Broadway productions, and I serve on my church council. My husband and I are very active in high school and community activities with our daughter.

What does “Beyond Limits Rehab” mean to you?
It means not limiting anyone to preconceived boundaries or limitations. It also means that as a clinician, I will strive for the highest level of function for every person.

Why should patients INSIST on Good Shepherd?
Good Shepherd has a proven record for providing the highest level of expertise in rehabilitation services, with a level of caring and compassion that is unmatched.