Patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Takes Control of Her Health

Christine Chapman of Corning, New York, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) 20 years ago, recently stood for the first time in five years with the aid of physical therapists at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital, Allentown during a four-week inpatient stay.

For the past few years Christine had been experiencing a decline in fine and gross motor skills, balance and overall strength, as well as swelling in her feet and extreme spasticity in her legs.  She knew she had to better manage her condition, from her medications to her physical activity. Knowledgeable about health care since she had worked in fundraising and volunteer management for her local hospital, she methodically set out to find a facility that could help her get her life back.

She narrowed the field to a few inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in the Northeast, and then chose Good Shepherd after meeting with staff members.  “I was impressed with their patient satisfaction scores, and after my evaluation, I was convinced that this is exactly where I wanted to be,” says Christine.

“My expectations at the outset were very high,” she says. Her goals included:

  • Getting a better handle on managing her medications and use of vitamins
  • Re-learning proper transfer techniques  
  • Trying to stand and walk
  • Improving her fine motor skills to address activities of daily living
  • Obtaining information on purchasing a power wheelchair
  • Being evaluated to see if she would be a candidate for driving
  • Receiving recommendations on how to continue her progress upon returning home

All of her goals were met – and exceeded. “I didn’t think a place like this existed – where I could get all of my issues addressed at once,” she says. “If I were to design from scratch the ideal place where people with MS could go for treatment, the facility would be just like Good Shepherd. It was an answer to my prayers.”

In addition to addressing her physical condition through intensive physical and occupational therapy, her emotional health was addressed as well. “It was terrific to engage with other people all dealing with similar issues,” she says. “We were like a community. It was really quite magical getting to know the other patients. You are at your most vulnerable moment as a patient, and everyone was so supportive. ”

“When I checked into Good Shepherd, the staff told me how the hospital was driven by the mission of its founders to provide compassionate care,” says Christine. “I was so impressed with the kindness, compassion and support shown by each staff member who I encountered.  Good Shepherd is much more than a job to the people who work there. “

For more information on Good Shepherd's programs and services, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422) or contact us.