Parkinson's Disease

If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, Good Shepherd’s expert staff can help with rehabilitation services for your lifespan.

At Good Shepherd, we know that each individual with Parkinson’s disease has unique abilities and medical needs. Here, we work with you to develop goals and the appropriate treatment plan to help you reach them.

Levels of care:

  • Good Shepherd offers numerous outpatient rehabilitation facilities to assist you with activities of daily living and help you maintain your health and function.

If you have a voice or speech disorder resulting from Parkinson’s disease or a neurological condition, Good Shepherd’s Lee Silverman Voice Training Program (LSVT) can help.

Good Shepherd’s Parkinson’s disease services evaluate and treat:

Wellness Programs

Good Shepherd offers exercise programs to help you maintain your health and function. These programs also improve confidence, quality of life and energy levels. Learn more

Medical Cannabis for Parkinson's disease:

Numerous research studies have demonstrated the proper use medical cannabis as an effective agent to relieve pain and reduce spasticity associated with certain diseases and conditions. Following a thorough evaluation, Good Shepherd physiatrists will certify appropriate patients for medical cannabis use as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that requires follow up care. For additional information, please click here.

Assistive and rehabilitation technology for Parkinson’s disease patients:

Good Shepherd is a Center of Excellence in the use of technology to enhance lives and augment rehabilitation for children and adults. At Good Shepherd, our team uses leading-edge rehabilitation and assistive technology, coupled with expert hands-on therapy, to help maximize function and increase independence in our patients. Learn more about the technologies available at Good Shepherd.

For more information on Parkinson’s disease services at Good Shepherd, contact us, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422) or Request an Appointment.