Optimal Fitness Helps Patient Get Back on her Feet

When Johanna Hall of Topton, Pennsylvania, was injured in a car accident in 2007, her life was put on hold. She sustained a concussion and a broken ankle, which unfortunately required surgery to insert two permanent screws into the joint. As a result, Johanna was out of work for three months and relied on crutches for much of that time.

Johanna’s road to recovery began when her orthopedic surgeon recommended Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network for her physical therapy. She underwent 10 weeks of outpatient orthopedic therapy at Good Shepherd’s Health & Technology Center in Allentown.

In 2009, when Johanna was back on her feet and ready for more intense workouts, she joined Optimal Fitness at Good Shepherd’s Allentown campus. “I wanted to join a gym, and Optimal Fitness was the natural choice,” says Johanna. With her physical therapists close by, she was able to stay on track with a workout program that was safe and met her goals.

Even now that Johanna is back to work as a nursing assistant, she makes time to visit the fitness center three times a week for cardio and strength training. She stayed with Optimal Fitness, rather than move to a different gym, because of the great environment and the people who both work and workout there.

“I like interacting with others at Good Shepherd who are facing similar situations after injuries,” says Johanna. “I lend my support and enjoy helping others through their recoveries.”

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