Now, Life's a Walk in the Park

Recently, Larry Becker was out on his daily three-mile walk when he felt a sharp pain in his Achilles tendon. He could not go any further. He managed to limp home, assuming that the Achilles that had caused him pain and soreness for more than a decade was again acting up. When he visited the doctor, Larry was shocked to find that his Achilles was completely torn and would require surgery.   

Physicians used a tendon from Larry’s big toe to re-attach his severed Achilles. After ten weeks with no movement, forced to remain on the lower level of his home, followed by four weeks of crutches, Larry was ready to begin the long road to recovery.

“I wanted to be able to walk again, and I wanted my life back,” he says. 

Larry was thrilled when his in-home nurse suggested he receive outpatient physical therapy at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy - Hamburg. There, Larry worked with Donna Kelley, PT, DPT.

“Larry came to Good Shepherd with a challenging diagnosis,” says Donna. “We had to follow a strict post-surgical protocol to protect the Achilles, while continually working to increase his strength and range of motion. 

“He was always up for a challenge and ready for the hard work he knew was necessary to succeed – and succeed he did.” 

Larry credits Donna with giving him the tools he needed to recover.

“Without Donna pushing me to make progress every single day, both in therapy and at home, I may not have been as successful or healed as quickly,” he says. “Her knowledge made my recovery easier than expected.”

Larry and Donna weren’t the only ones amazed at his progress. Larry’s surgeon estimated that Larry was months ahead of schedule with his recovery and would be able to get back to the life he wanted much earlier than anticipated.

Today, Larry is back to walking several miles each day and enjoying all the things life has to offer. 

“I highly recommend Good Shepherd to anyone who needs rehabilitation,” says Larry. “Everyone here had a lot to do with the progress I made in a short time. They gave me my life back.”

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