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Why Choose a Pediatric Physical Therapist

January 27, 2017

Nothing is more important than your child’s health. When he/she needs physical therapy after an accident or illness, finding the right therapist is important. As you look, you may want to find a pediatric therapist – someone who specializes in caring for children.

Why should kids should see pediatric therapists? The most important reason is also the simplest – pediatric therapists know how to make therapy fun. Kids who enjoy therapy see better recoveries.

Pediatric therapists often use play to engage children and help them to reach their therapy goals. For example, obstacle courses can be used to work on balance difficulties, or a swing can be used to increase strength.

Working with children often requires more creativity. Because children are changing and growing so rapidly, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Pediatric therapists are trained to adjust and adapt to their patients’ ever-changing needs.

Pediatric therapists also look at the whole child so that the core problem is treated, not just the symptoms. We make sure everything is working together, including gait, balance, movement, breathing, spine health, strength and flexibility. We teach children safe ways to play so they do not get hurt.

Pediatric therapists know what to look for as children grow. Children change as they get older, and pediatric therapists know how to guide children through these transitions with the goal of increasing independence at each stage. We also realize that they are influenced by their feelings, thoughts and how they get along with others.

Pediatric therapists work as a team so that the child’s care covers home and school. We work with families, medical suppliers, doctors, teachers and schools so that everyone works together to help the child.

Lastly, when special support is needed, pediatric therapists know how to make and adapt bracing and equipment that allows kids to be kids – to enjoy life more fully.

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