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Websites to Support Learning

October 31, 2016

Technology gives voice to children with impaired language skills

In today’s fast-moving world, we are inundated with millions of messages daily. We have a plethora of information, literally at our fingertips. This can make it hard for parents to decipher the best resources to support their child’s learning. Educational websites can help children with developmental and learning disabilities to absorb new material.

For children who struggle with learning letters/numbers and reading, the strong visuals and sensory play associated with educational websites can help advance pre-writing, writing and early math skills. The interactive, visual elements of websites support learning and also engage a child’s attention longer than lessons completed on paper or orally. Added benefits of working with a computer include improved eye-hand coordination and motor movements. And, unlike smartphone or tablet apps, websites do not usually require a downloaded program or application, making them more accessible for anyone with Internet access.

Here is a collection of websites that parents can use at home to promote learning:

  1. starfall.com – Full range of learning including math, ABCs and reading activities
  2. PBSkids.com – Learning games and activities
  3. ABCya.com – Educational games for children grades K-5
  4. cookie.com – Educational games for literacy, math and science
  5. scholastic.com – Activity and learning tools for children ages 2 – 13
  6. bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr  – Dance Mat Typing – free resource to teach typing to young children
  7. education.com – Provides online worksheets by subject and grade level for free download
  8. rapidtyping.com – Online typing tutor
  9. typingweb.com – Online typing tutor
  10. Tumblebook Library –  Tumblebook Library is an online collection of talking e-books that you can read or have read to you.  Check with your local library for a link to the Tumblebook library.

Using technology at home is a great way to supplement what happens in the classroom or at therapy. If your child does have disabilities, speak with your therapist for an at home lesson plan that is customized for him or her.

To learn more about technology to support learning for a child with unique needs, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422).