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Physical Therapy Can Ease Post-Partum Recovery

December 17, 2019

While having a baby is an exciting time for new moms, it also can be a very overwhelming time, between learning to care for a new baby, not sleeping well and recovering from the physical demands of delivery.

Understandably, new moms have lots of questions. When can I start exercising again? Is it normal to feel pain? How can I care for my C-section and my baby?

With so much on their plate, new moms can be left feeling isolated and unsure where to begin their recovery.

It’s important to know that help is available – there’s no reason to suffer. Taking care of yourself now can help prevent problems in the long-term as well.

A specially trained physical therapist can answer your questions and help you navigate your post-partum recovery through issues such as incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, pain with intercourse and constipation, just to name a few.

Many common post-partum issues are muscular in nature. For instance, expectant moms typically experience abdominal muscle separation in the third trimester to accommodate the growing baby. Typically, this separation heals on its own within three months post-delivery but fails to do so about 30 percent of the time, causing weakness. A properly designed physical therapy program can assess abdominal core control, posture and breathing to optimize recovery.

Another common issue women experience post-partum is stress urinary incontinence. Leaking urine when jumping, laughing or sneezing, having the urge to run to the bathroom quickly and excessive urination are not normal and can be improved with pelvic floor physical therapy.

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