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Kids Should Stay Active in the Winter

December 11, 2013

stay active

Cold temperatures and falling snow should not keep children from exercising. Kids need to remain active all year long to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below is a list of indoor and outdoor activities to help keep kids active during the winter months.

Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids
Bundle up and exercise outside. When weather conditions allow:

  • Take advantage of slippery snow and ice by engaging in traditional winter activities, like ice skating or sledding.
  • Take a walk in the snow. Walking through snow is much more difficult than walking on dry ground because your balance is challenged.
  • Build a snowman. Stacking, rolling and decorating snow is a great way to disguise exercise for young children.
  • Shovel snow. Ask older children to help clear freshly fallen snow. Shoveling snow is a great “total body exercise” – it involves the entire body.

Indoor Winter Activities for Kids
When frigid temperatures or inclement weather keep your family indoors, encourage your children to:

  • Play an interactive game. Game systems, like the Nintendo Wii, have games for all ages that include movement and exercise. Not an electronic gamer? Challenge your kids to a good old-fashioned game of Twister.
  • Have a dance party. Turn on some music and bop till you drop for a great cardio work out. For a fun twist, play freeze dance instead. Simply freeze in place when the music stops.
  • Sign up for extracurricular activities. Try karate, gymnastics, wrestling or an exercise program, like the Fitness Program for Kids at Good Shepherd Pediatrics.

Whether you choose to play indoors or outdoors, it is important for children to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, year-round.

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