Good Shepherd Shares Wheelchair Clinic Best Practices in 'Rehab Management' Magazine

March 10, 2020

A Good Shepherd Rehabilitation therapist demonstrates the wheelchair clinic setting.

When wheelchair users transition to a different type of chair to improve their mobility or safety, it can be a challenging time for patients and caregivers.

A wheelchair clinic can ease that transition.

Amy Kirkner, MPT, wheelchair clinic coordinator at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network’s Edwards Center, shared insights with Rehab Management magazine into how Good Shepherd helps patients transition to different types of wheelchairs:

Patients who rely on a wheelchair for mobility may one day need to transition from a manual to power-assist or full-power option in order to maximize their safety and independence, and improve function, comfort and quality of life.

The transition to a power wheelchair can be complex for patients, as well as for family members and caregivers. However, patients can benefit from the expertise of a wheelchair clinic in a number of ways, including exposure to clinical knowledge of transition eligibility, devices that insurances will cover, and the ability to educate and support patients, family members, and caregivers for a successful and safe transition.

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