Dr. Allen Khademi Published in American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Allen Khademi, M.D., vice president of medical affairs at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, has published a paper in the January issue of the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Entitled “Tracheostomy Management Skills Competency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residents,” the paper describes an educational unit developed to instruct and establish competency with physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) residents at JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, Edison, New Jersey, in tracheostomy care.
Dr. Khademi, who served as medical director in the Department of Rehabilitation at JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute prior to joining Good Shepherd, was the primary investigator in this study and authored the paper with a group of other physicians and key JFK staff. Over a 6-year period, 31 PM&R residents at JFK participated in the training module, and their tracheostomy care skills were assessed afterwards. All of the residents successfully demonstrated clinical proficiency when evaluated. Tracheostomies (breathing tubes) are common among patients with traumatic brain injury or prolonged respiratory failure.
“It’s critical for young doctors in training to learn the standards of care for tracheostomy management,” says Khademi. “The training module we developed will have great value to other physical medicine and rehabilitation residents as well as physicians being trained in additional specialties and students studying in other health care fields, such as nursing and speech language pathology.”