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Boost Your Child’s Skills This Summer

June 05, 2018

Does your child need a physical or cognitive boost? This summer, Good Shepherd Pediatrics is offering an intensive, short course of outpatient pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy. Children will receive four to eight weeks of therapy, two to three times a week targeting a specific skill such as handwriting, bike riding or toilet training.

The Summer Boost Program is ideal for children who may be diagnosed with cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, hypotonia/low tone, developmental delay or autism. The Summer Boost program is available at the Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center in Allentown as well as our East Greenville and Souderton locations (unless otherwise noted). 

The Summer Boost Program focuses on several areas of skill development:

Learn to Bike* – Intensive physical therapy and/or occupational therapy to develop the balance, strength, coordination and visual skills necessary for independent bike riding. Therapy also may include the selection and ordering of an adaptive bike when appropriate. *Available at the Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center only.

Intensive Toilet Training* – Intensive occupational and speech therapy, in coordination with the child’s established behavioral support team, targeting a toilet training plan in both the clinical and home settings. Therapy may include selection and ordering of adaptive toileting equipment when appropriate.

Kindergarten Readiness*– Intensive occupational and speech therapy to address the skills necessary for entering kindergarten such as sitting in circle time, turn taking and talking to teachers and classmates. Handwriting and scissor skill development will be addressed.

Handwriting Helpers – Intensive occupational therapy in a group or one on one setting to address the basic skills necessary for handwriting. Sessions will focus on improving core strength, fine and visual motor skills, sensory processing and the coordination skills necessary for handwriting.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy** – Intensive occupational and physical therapy in a group or one on one setting to improve the functional use of a child’s hand and arm that may be affected by a medical condition or injury. 

During therapy sessions, a splint is applied to the child’s unaffected arm to promote brain re-wiring and increased use of the opposite arm.

Strength and Coordination Boost – Intensive physical and/or occupational therapy in a one on one or group setting to increase hand eye coordination skills and motor coordination in preparation for gym class or fall sports participation.

Sensory Feeding Groups* – Occupational and speech therapist led feeding group sessions designed to improve a child’s comfort and interactions with food. Using a nationally recognized treatment model, the S.O.S. Approach to Feeding, sessions focus on expanding a child’s exposure to and experimentation with a variety of foods in a group setting.

Attention Boot Camp* – Intensive occupational and/or speech therapy to include sensory integration, The Therapeutic Listening Program®, Interactive Metronome®, and therapeutic activities specifically designed to increase attention for improved learning and school performance.

To learn more about the Summer Boost program or to schedule an evaluation for your child, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422) or complete the form below.

*Available at the Good Shepherd Health and Technology Center only.
**Available at Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center and Souderton only.