Moved By the Spirit - Winter 2013

Dear Friends,

The holidays and end of the year are always a special time to reflect on the blessings of family and friends. This year, I have something more to be grateful for – the path that led me to serve at Good Shepherd and the bounty of goodwill that has made me feel very welcome. 

Nowhere was this more evident than my inauguration on November 8 at Grace Lutheran Church in Allentown where The Rev. Dr. Conrad Raker served. Everyone came together in fellowship, bound by a common sense of purpose started 105 years ago by The Rev. John “Papa” Raker and his wife, Estella “Mama” Raker. It was their spirit of innovation, deep compassion and commitment to charitable care that launched Good Shepherd and still thrives today. 

Good Shepherd has survived through world wars, the Great Depression and economic uncertainties. On more than one occasion, Papa Raker fell to his knees and prayed for divine intervention when times were tough and the money wasn’t there. His prayers were answered and I’ve no doubt he and Mama would be amazed at what Good Shepherd has become. 

As you plan your holiday festivities, I hope you will remember the legacy of love that the Rakers left as a reminder to help the less fortunate who rely on Good Shepherd’s mission of charitable care to get through their own difficult times. Whatever you can spare in your year-end giving – $10, $20, $50 or more – will be put to meaningful use. 

Your gifts let us invest in new technologies that help people like Dave Fessler, a spinal cord injury patient featured in our cover story, walk. Your gifts help our MS Wellness Program be one of the most innovative and best in the area, giving participants a place to learn, find friendship and be as fit in body and mind as possible. And your gifts to our Resident Holiday Wish List make Christmas happier for our long-term care residents. 

For all you’ve given, thank you. I hope the new year brings you good health and peace.