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Good Shepherd Rehabilitation - CedarPointe offers Functional Capacity Evaluations for individuals who want to get back to work following a work injury.
A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an evaluation that focuses on musculoskeletal strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, mobility and dexterity to determine a patient’s functional ability. This evaluation typically last four hours  and allows the evaluator to determine each client’s current and potential functional and vocational status.

Type of Functional Capacity Evaluations

  1. A Baseline Functional Capacity Evaluation determines the client’s current functional and work ability. It also is used to determine work tolerances for return to work when a target job is unknown.
  2. A Job-Specific Functional Capacity Evaluation assesses the client’s work tolerances in comparison to the demands of his or her target job.
  3. A Medical-Legal Functional Capacity Evaluation addresses a client’s physical tolerances, loss of ability and rehabilitation potential. This Functional Capacity Evaluation is completed in preparation for determining a client’s loss of earning capacity and future cost of care.

Process for Obtaining a Functional Capacity Evaluation 

  • Obtain a doctor’s prescription for a Functional Capacity Evaluation.
  • Get payment approval for the evaluation from your workers compensation insurance or an alternate payor. Good Shepherd’s experienced administrative staff is available to help with this process.
  • Complete all forms you receive in the mail from Good Shepherd Rehabilitation-CedarPointe. Please bring these forms to the evaluation appointment.
  • Provide a complete copy of your medical history from your doctor, as well as a job description from your employer. Both are required at the time of your evaluation.

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