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Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network takes its patients “beyond limits,” which is a commitment to do everything possible to help patients not just reach, but exceed, their goals and push beyond the limitations of their condition.

If you, or a family member, is recovering from an injury or illness (such as a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or multi-trauma), you have the right to choose the best inpatient rehabilitation available to return to your daily life more quickly and with more function and independence. If you are experiencing problems with your back, neck, joints or muscles or you have a neurological condition, you will find highly skilled therapists at a Good Shepherd Physical Therapy outpatient location near you.

Here are a few of the reasons that patients from all across America choose Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network:

Focused on Rehabilitation

You want an inpatient rehabilitation hospital and outpatient therapy services that are focused and supported by the full range of expertise needed to diagnose and treat patients with various types of physical and cognitive limitations. More than 60,000 patients each year receive care at Good Shepherd, because physical rehabilitation is its core business. The experts at GSRN focus on each patient’s care and recovery.

More Specialized Staff

Good Shepherd employs more rehabilitation specialists than any other provider in the region, including: 11 physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R); more than 300 highly trained therapists who hold more than 20 specialty certifications (brain injury, McKenzie method, aquatic therapy, orthopedics, etc.); and 47 nurses who are certified in rehabilitation nursing (CRRN). In addition, GSRN’s staff will coordinate care with your trusted family physician and other specialists for seamless continuity of care.

More Technology and Programs for Mobility and Functional Recovery

GSRN is a national leader in the use of rehabilitation technology to help patients regain mobility. With three Ekso bionic exoskeletons, GSRN is a clinical super user of the Ekso for spinal cord injuries, and the organization was the first in North America to offer Ekso with Variable Assist available for patients who suffer a stroke or other neurological conditions. The device allows Good Shepherd therapists to help patients get on their feet faster and regain the ability to walk more quickly.

Good Shepherd also offers rehabilitation technologies and programs not found anywhere else in the region: Bertec Balance Advantage system, which uses virtual reality to evaluate and treat people with sensory processing disorders and brain injuries; Vision Therapy Program; ZeroG for partial body-weight support; ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway for gait analysis and Pilates for physical therapy.

Good Shepherd Excels at Catastrophic Care

Good Shepherd is known for tackling tough cases, such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, pulmonary disease, respiratory failure and complex pediatric conditions. Good Shepherd also is known for producing remarkable outcomes for these patients thanks to its dedicated physicians, nurses and therapists, who provide leading-edge care combined with compassion, technology and innovation.

Good Shepherd Excels at Treating Back Pain

Treating patients with back pain is at the core of Good Shepherd Physical Therapy’s outpatient care. In fact, Good Shepherd is in the 90th percentile in the country for the treatment of low back pain (according to the patient assessment tool Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, or FOTO). Plus, this past year Good Shepherd saw a nearly 10 percent increase in patients who turned to its expert clinicians for back pain treatment.

How To Insist on Good Shepherd

If you are a patient at an acute-care hospital, inform your care manager that you would like to speak to a Good Shepherd liaison. A representative from Good Shepherd will come to your room to discuss your recovery plan and care options. If you are at home or in a nursing home, call 1-888-44-REHAB.

If you need physical, occupational or speech therapy, ask your primary care physician to provide you with a referral to Good Shepherd. If you need a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician to evaluate your condition, set up an appointment by calling the Good Shepherd Physician Group at 610-776-3278 or click on the box below to request an appointment.

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