Inpatient Rehab Team

At Good Shepherd, our most important assets are our clinicians, who demonstrate compassionate care and are experts in their fields. When you receive inpatient care at Good Shepherd, you will be treated by a coordinated clinical team that specializes in specific conditions, including stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury. Our clinical teams include:


At Good Shepherd, you will be treated by physiatrists, certified physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.


Some rehabilitation units pull nurses from other hospital floors, such as surgical recovery or obstetrics, to care for rehabilitation patients. Good Shepherd’s certified rehabilitation nurses (CRRNs) are specialty trained to provide care to patients undergoing rehabilitation.


Physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapists work to return Good Shepherd's patients to their highest level of functional independence possible. At Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, our more than 200 therapists are leaders in their field. They regularly attend and present at national rehabilitation conferences and educational sessions.

  • Physical Therapists: Each patient at Good Shepherd is assigned a physical therapist and an assistant, who evaluate his or her needs and develop a specific treatment program. Patients at Good Shepherd’s inpatient facilities have the nation’s most advanced rehabilitation technology—like the Lite Gait System to improve gait, the NESS L300 for foot drop and the Equitest System to evaluate and treat balance and walking issues—at their disposal. Learn more about physical therapy at Good Shepherd.
  • Occupational Therapists: Occupational therapy helps to enhance the cognitive and motor skills needed for individuals to achieve independence in their daily life tasks. Whether you want to get back to work or get back to mowing your lawn, Good Shepherd’s expert occupational therapists will help you reach your goals.
  • Speech Therapists: Good Shepherd’s Speech and Communication Program is administered by masters-level speech/language pathologists, each of whom is licensed and certified. SLPs work closely with patients, their families and their care team to help achieve maximum results for patients who have issues with speaking, swallowing and other disorders.
  • Recreational Therapists: Good Shepherd’s recreational therapists work to improve the motor and cognitive skills of patients while instilling confidence, improving social skills and helping to thwart the depression that sometimes accompanies an illness or disability.

Respiratory Therapists

Taking a deep breath comes naturally to most of us, but for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary diseases, it is a seemingly insurmountable chore. That’s where Good Shepherd’s respiratory therapists come in. They care for patients with breathing disorders, evaluating their needs and developing specific therapy programs designed to increase lung function and improve quality of life.


Adjusting to life after a stroke or catastrophic injury can be difficult. That’s why patients at Good Shepherd have access to expert neuropsychologists, who help them navigate through the rough terrain of their new lives. Neuropsychologists work in concert with the rehabilitation team, and many of their efforts are focused on the adjustments that individuals and their families go though in coping with the changes brought on by major illness or injury.

Care Managers

Navigating the health-care system can be complicated. The maze of services, providers, plans and paperwork that accompany an injury or illness can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, the care managers at Good Shepherd are there to help guide you through the rehabilitation process. Working directly with the patient, family and care team, they complete assessments, coordinate ongoing care with the patient’s insurance company and assist with any necessary discharge plans. In short, our care managers are here to make your admission, stay and discharge as simple as possible.

Pastoral Care

Each patient and client who passes through the doors of Good Shepherd is given the opportunity to exercise their faith as they rehabilitate both mind and body. The pastoral care department works to ensure that patients, residents and staff have an outlet to explore and practice their faith, regardless of their religion or belief system. Services are held on the units, the Eucharist is available when appropriate and faith counseling is always provided for anyone in need.

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