Inpatient Referrals

At Good Shepherd, individualized, comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation programs are developed for each patient.

If a patient is in an acute care facility or skilled nursing facility:

  • The potential patient or designee should request a referral be made to Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network.
  • A Good Shepherd nurse liaison will schedule an evaluation of the patient as quickly as possible. If a nurse liaison is not available, a copy of the patient's medical record should be faxed to Good Shepherd Admissions Department at 610-776-3502.
  • Decisions regarding the patient's referral status are communicated to the referring social worker/discharge planner. 
  • Admission is coordinated by the Good Shepherd Admissions Department and referring social worker/discharge planner. If a bed is available and the patient is medically ready for transfer, admission will be scheduled that day or the following day. 

If a patient is at home:

  • Physician's office should contact the Good Shepherd Admissions Department at 610-776-3501 with a brief description of the patient's condition and requirements. 
  • Depending on the above, Admissions Department will request medical records from physician's office.
  • If the patient is receiving home therapy, the home care agency should contact the Admissions Department for information on what documentation is required.
  • Once medical records are received, it may be necessary for the potential patient to be seen by a Good Shepherd physiatrist for further evaluation.
  • Physician's office and patient or family member will be notified of the decision. 

Inpatient Referral/Prescreen Chart Information
Complete chart copy is not necessary for a referral. Should you choose to fax or mail chart copy, please include the following information:

  • Face Sheet
  • H&P
  • CXR and other x-rays, if related to condition
  • MRI or CAT scans
  • Discharge plan/social support system
  • Latest notes for PT, OT, speech, nursing, and physician
  • OR reports
  • Consults
  • Any key names (therapists, nurses, physicians, etc.) and phone numbers

For more information, contact Good Shepherd’s Admissions Department at 610-776-3501